Ding3000 & Pimp My Billy…


Shy giraffe – being all bright, it hides in the lampshade!

Characteristic feature of the floor lamp Jirafa is the construction of the lamp´s base. The three legs differ in length and are attached to each other following a mathematic algorithm. Despite this technical design principle the lamp has a natural appearance and offers different impressions when looking at it from varying angles. The design is, of course, inspired by a giraffe.

DING3000 is the studio of the designers Carsten Schelling, Sven Rudolph and Ralf Webermann. After their collective studies in Hanover and working for different studios such as Vogt & Weizenegger and Marcel Wanders they started  working together in 2005 designing consumer goods like furniture, luminaires and residential accessories. They became known with drafts characterized by profound and charming ideas, such as Pimp My Billy (2005), a series of “tuning items” for “Billy” from IKEA, the world’s biggest seller when it comes to shelves, or the S-XL CAKE (2007), a silicone baking pan that bakes a cake whose slices already come in different sizes and shapes.

Pimp My Billy

Add-On for the IKEA shelf Billy.

40 million units have been sold worldwide of the IKEA shelf Billy – making it the world’s biggest seller when it comes to shelves. Following the slogan PIMP MY BILLY, DING3000 has devoted their creativity to this classic IKEA piece.

S-XL Cake

With their drafts they have so far received more than 25 design prizes including the internationally renowned iF Product Design Award, the Good Design Award, the RedDot Design Award and the Design Plus Award. Apart from a multitude of further publications in Germany and abroad, their work was introduced in several books, among them “Design Now!” published by Taschen, “Furnish” and “Desire – The Shape of Things to Come” by Gestalten publishers.

Muli Sideboard

Products by DING3000 are part of the permanent collection of the Badisches Landesmuseum Karlsruhe as well as the Museum August Kestner in Hanover and were shown on design festivals and exhibitions, for instance within the German pavilion during the EXPO 2010 in Shanghai.


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