Jacques Adnet Mirror from Gubi Denmark…


Few designers have succeeded in making a mirror a design icon but Jacques Adnet was the exception. Today, the elegant leather mirror that Adnet designed in 1950 provides inspiration for designers all over the world. Gubi will reissue Adnet’s unique, luxurious leather mirror in Autumn 2011.

Jacques Adnet (1900 – 1984) was a French architect and Art Deco Modernist designer and an icon of luxurious French Modernism. After completing his studies at the Municipal School of Design in Auxerre and the Ecole des Arts Decoratifs, Adnet established the company, JJ Adnet with his twin brother Jean. In 1925, Adnet was recognized as one of the most promising young designers at both the Salon d’Automne and Les Expositions des Arts Decoratifs. As well as designing furniture and mirrors, Adnet designed apartments and offices for numerous clients, including the French President and Unesco.

Adnet used exotic woods in combination with metal, leather and mirrored glass to create his exclusive designs. His style is the epitome of luxury, so his 1950’s collaboration with the exclusive French fashion house, Hermés was a natural. In association with Hermés, Adnet developed a collection of discreet yet voluptuous leather-covered furniture and interior accessories. This distinctive, round leather mirror with equestrian inspired detailing is a perfect example of Adnet’s designs at that time.

Mirrors are an interior decorator’s favourite trick; they instantly make rooms appear larger and more vibrant. Yet, it can be hard to find a mirror that blends equally well in all kinds of interior spaces. With its classy detailing in leather, Adnet’s mirror will enhance all rooms and compliment many decorative genres, whether modern or classic, masculine or feminine in style.

An icon of French Modernism

Adnet was one of the first to integrate metal and glass in the structure and decoration of furniture and is known for his distinctly avant-garde designs. From the late 1920’s until 1960, Adnet lead La Compagnie des Arts Francais, where his team of decorators included Francois Jourdain, Serge Mouille, Charlotte Perriand and Georges Jouve.

Adnet saw himself as “innovator and classicist, an advocate for the tradition that leads us into the future.” He was fascinated by functionalism and remained uninfluenced by fashionable trends, resulting in a style that was entirely own. Adnet’s furniture designs were solidly constructed and minimal in form, yet the materials he used were unashamedly extravagant and expensive. For Adnet, a piece of furniture was not simply a useful decorative prop but a piece of prime importance to be considered in its own right.


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