Stelton Pure Black Knives from HolmbäckNordentoft….

At the cutting edge of good design…
Excellent functionality and clean, stylish lines. Stelton presents an elegant knife series for serious gourmets who are as daring in their style as they are in their cooking. Pure Black knives are forged from one piece of stainless steel so their handles morph effortlessly into their blades. The straightforward design and special coating make the knives very hygienic and easy to clean. At the same time, the matte black coating provides a superb grip and evokes thoughts of fine cooking, beautiful cuts and gourmet dinners. A perfect gift for those who enjoy beautiful and stylish design in the kitchen.

Pure beauty in your kitchen…
Knives are good to have handy, and a knife magnet helps take care of your knives and keep them sharp. Stelton now introduces the first-ever white knife magnet, so you can both store and protect your kitchen tools in style. The 16.3″ long Pure White seems almost to float on a white wall. Its glossy surface brings out the Black Magic knife series? sculptural beauty. Connoisseurs will enjoy this attractive marriage of functionality and aesthetics. The unique knife magnet is easy to install, and its discrete looks complement any kitchen.

Designed by HolmbäckNordentoft and Winner of RedDot Design Award – Best of the Best 2011.

Sebastian Holmbäck (b. 1971) and Ulrik Nordentoft (b. 1974) initially met at The Danish Design School. Upon graduation (1998/2000) both followed successful individual careers as design professionals, working with product design, furniture, lighting and interior design. As a result of a joined design project in 2008, they discovered their potential as working partners and soon after founded their studio, HolmbäckNordentoft.

Since then the partnership has produced a series of hallmark achievements, including the Red Dot Design Award Best of the Best 2011 and the Formland Design Award 2011.

The studio is located in Espergærde, a small village north of Copenhagen, close to the sea in an old fisherman’s cottage.

Get your Pure Black Knives here.



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