Trash Me Victor Vetterlein…

Trash Me Lamp available at Vertigo Home in June 2011

Through globalization and the constant expansion of opportunity via the Internet, people are on the move and their interest and allegiance in all things is short-lived. The concept word for the Trash Me lamp design is transient. Like our current global culture, it is a product that is ephemeral. The lamp is made of paper pulp spread over a mold and left to dry. Paper is in itself a transient material. A strong concept idea leads to an extraordinary form, and in this case it is a rebirth of what the designer sees as the beauty of the utilitarian forms. It is only fitting that the name is Trash Me, meaning “please recycle me when no longer useful or desired”. The Trash Me lamp can be quickly dissembled and the parts reused or recycled back into trash to be born again as something new.

Meeraboo Side Table

The “Meeraboo-2007 ST-1” side table is designed to be adjacent to an entry doorway.  The built in light source illuminates a golden orb that in turn baths the entry with a warm glow.  The orb also serves as a storage compartment for precious items such as keys, wallets, and jewelry. The material composition is fiberglass, wood, and metal with a high gloss white finish.  The interior of the orb is finished in high gloss gold lacquer, and this carries through the vent stack where golden light casts an ellipse on the ceiling of a room.

Victor Wayne Vetterlein, born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, was raised in a design and engineering family. His grandfather was a mechanical engineer, his uncle a nautical engineer, and his aunt a realist painter.  Design and engineering technology were common topics in the family circle.

Victor received a Bachelor of Science in Construction Management and a Fine Arts minor in Sculpture from Colorado State University.  Victor went on to receive a Master of Architecture with honors at the University of Washington in Seattle.

Upon receiving his degree, Victor moved to New York City and apprenticed as an architect in the office of Charles Gwathmey and the office of Thierry Despont where he became an Associate.

In 2007 Victor opened The Office of Victor Vetterlein, located in Soho, New York City, with an emphasis on architecture and industrial design.

Sprig Lamp

Inspired by the fresh growth of plants, a single Sprig lamp makes a pendant light, while multiple Sprig lamps combined build a floor lamp or a chandelier. Sprig is made from recycled plastic, and the lighting source is a standard compact fluorescent lamp (CFL).

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