Hang On…

Hang On in white available at Vertigo

Hang On is an unpretentious and humorous coat rack that is accessible and easy to decode with its oblique expression. Hang On is the work of the British designer Jade Barnes-Richardson.

Jade Barnes-Richardson has taken the archetypal coat hanger and created a new piece of furniture from an original idea. Inspired by how clothes, overcoats and other accessories are often dumped around the home, Hang On is a coat rack consisting of a collection of several coat hangers.

A recent graduate of 2008, Jade Barnes-Richardson graduated from Bucks New University with a BA (Hons) in Contemporary Furniture and Related Product Design providing her with the stepping stone to launch her as one of the new and up and coming designers of contemporary design today.

Inspired by the concept of small space living, Jade Barnes-Richardson designs are designed with the intention to simplify modern life. Her particular interest are in designs that work to increase space and de-clutter interiors, through designs that are compact and multifunctional and are aimed to improve the way we interact with furniture and the space around us.Since graduation, Jade Barnes-Richardson has been lucky enough to have exhibited in various exhibitions including New Designers Selection, an exhibition which shortlists the Top 50 new designers from the New Designers Exhibition. Jade’s work is appealing to a wide audience and was also featured as part of London’s Fashion Week ON|OFF Event 2008.

Jade Barnes-Richardson explains:

I am fascinated by multi-functional designs. Just like the disorder that results from our throwing our clothes into piles at home, the designed chaos of Hang On creates order in its very own way. Hang On is a versatile design for everyday objects such as jackets, towels and accessories.

Normann Copenhagen nominated Jade Barnes-Richardson’s Hang On as “Best New Product” among young and upcoming design talents during the LaunchPad Pulse fair held in the UK in June 2009. Now, for the first time, Hang On is available in The U.S. and at Vertigo.

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