The Danish Norm…

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Norm is a multidisciplinary design studio focusing on residential architecture, commercial interiors and industrial design. Norm was founded in 2008 by architects Kasper Rønn and Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen by their vocation to create timeless architecture and meaningful design products.

Kasper and Jonas explain:

The justification of a product lies in its ability to differentiate; aesthetically and in functionality. With a determined focus on the good idea, right materials and fine craftsmanship, our primary endeavour is to create useful products, appealing design, and architecture that captures and inspire life.

Kasper Rønn.

Born 1976, graduated as an architect from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 2002 with a strong focus on furniture design. In working for numerous designers and architects such as Space CPH, Jorn Langvad and Ole Palsby, Kasper has gathered a great experience in both the field of Architecure and Design. Together with Ole Palsby, Kasper created numerous products for Eva Denmark, WMF and others, before starting Norm.

Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen.

Born 1976, graduated as an architect from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 2004 and holds a degree in business administration and languages from Copenhagen Business School. Jonas studied art and philosophy in Rome before commencing work as Design Manager for Danish Designer, Ole Palsby, with whom he developed designs for companies such Rosendahl, Alfi and Georg Jensen.

Some of our favorite Norm designs are Milk Lamp, Wine Breather, Low Fat Lamp, Copenhagen Penthouse II, Forest House and especially Fredensborg House.

Milk Lamp


Fredensborg House

See all Norm design and architecture here.

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