Designer Chalkboards…

Hudson Paint 100% acrylic Chalkboard is a beautiful, washable finish for creating erasable color chalkboard surfaces. Low odor and easy application over wallboard, wood, plaster, masonite, MDF, primed metal and wood . Keep in mind that the smoother the surface, the easier it is to clean. The Chalkboard paint is available in 24 beautiful colors.

Hudson Paint is sold in a quart size, and covers about 90 to 100 square feet. For example, a quart will cover the door of a fridge several times, but it will take two quarts for two coats on an 8 by 10 wall.

Hudson Paint can easily be applied with a roller, brush or painting pad. Let the paint dry about 2 to 3 hours, depending on weather condition, before recoating, two to three coats are best. Let the final coat dry for a full 24 hours before using as a chalkboard. Prepare your chalkboard by rubbing a piece of chalk over the entire surface and wiping it clean. This will prepare the surface for long lasting wear and tear. This action is not essential, and may not be possible on large surfaces, but will help.

The Chalkboard surface is easy to clean with a damp cloth, or sponge. Not all chalk sticks are the same, some are hard and some contain waxes or oils which make them difficult to erase. Try different brands for best results. Chalk with deep colors contain pure pigment and will leave streaks or shadows when erased, especially on the lighter chalkboard colors.

Hudson Paint Chalkboard available at Vertigo Home.


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