Jeeves, Wooster & Phipps…

Jeeves and Wooster Pendants

Aptly named after the British comedy series “Jeeves and Wooster” by P.G. Wodehouse, the pendant lights are designed by British designer Jake Phipps and produced in the UK by Innermost. Jeeves is a bowler hat and Wooster is a top hat, both being elegant and refined designs that are tongue in cheek and yet sleek pieces of modern design. The bowler and top hats are classic British cultural icons reflecting a bygone era of imperialism, class divide, and eccentricity. The exterior of these pendants are made of black wool felt and the interior is anodized aluminum lining, Jeeves is gold and Wooster is silver.

Jeeves & Wooster available at Vertigo Home.



Jake Phipps


Jake Phipps graduated from John Makepeace’s furniture design school, Parnham College, in 1999 and began designing and making one-off pieces to commission. In 2005 he set up his own design studio in London, concentrating on designing his own pieces for large scale production.

His first product, The ISIS folding chair, was launched by renowned manufacturer Gebruder Thonet – Vienna and is the world’s thinnest folding chair in production.



ISIS Folding Chair

Unlike traditional steel folding chair that lack style, the Isis Chair offers extra seating with a modern twist. This folding chair is crafted from extremely durable, geometric, laminated panels designed to flex for comfort and support. The Isis folds completely flat in one effortless movement when not in use.


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