A Danish Design Company with an opinion…

Once again, Normann Copenhagen sets new standards and combines tradition and innovation in a line with the best from the proud handcraft of the past together with a modern expression of the present. New Danish Modern is a line of courageous design which springs from the Danish design tradition, where quality and attention to detail are given high priority.

The line is designed by some of Denmark’s best designers and produced exclusively in Denmark; respecting the idea of form in design and craftsmanship. The designers include Ole Jensen, Rikke Hagen, Jesper K. Thomsen, Søren Ulrik Petersen, Claydies, Camilla Stærk, Peter Johansen & Thomas Bentzen, among others.

Dahlia Rugs by Claydies for Normann Copenhagen’s New Danish Modern.

“We wish to pay a tribute to the proud craftsmanship traditions and make furniture which has an iconic status and is beautiful at every level of detail. The chosen designs are exclusively designed by Danish designers and produced in Denmark,” says Poul Madsen, CEO, Normann Copenhagen
“Over the years many really exciting designs have been shown to us. We have often been tempted to put them into production, but they did not fit in with our range, or it was otherwise impossible. But now is the time,” says Jan Andersen, CEO, Normann Copenhagen.
Over the years, Normann Copenhagen has developed a series of bold design products, but this is the first time that Norman Copenhagen has positioned itself as a furniture manufacturer.
The fundamental basis of New Danish Modern is furniture art, and therefore, the line will be available in smaller production runs.

“Hang” lamp by Rikke Hagen for Normann Copenhagen’s New Danish Modern.

“Hang” available at Vertigo Home.

Small size available in late June 2010.

“Hang” was inspired by soft retro shapes, making Hang Lamp into a classic design object that will suit most homes. In this way, it is timeless and characterized by the design traditions that they are so proud of in Denmark.

Rikke Hagen explains:

“When we talk about Danish design, we often talk about function, aesthetics and shape. It is exactly these characteristics that “Hang” is a good example of. “Hang” is very simple and is more functional than decorative. I think that this is liberating, because if the lamp can manage this alone it is perfect. It isn’t making a statement. It is what it is.”

Watch an interview with Rikke Hagen talking (in Danish) about “Hang”.

Made in Denmark of metal. “Hang” is manufactured using traditional processes at a foundry in Amager (near Copenhagen) Its exterior has a gloss finish and its interior a mat finish. It is produced in black and white with a fabric covered cord.


Spine Rug by Camilla Stærk for Normann Copenhagen’s New Danish Modern.

Available @ Vertigo Home.

The untamed, the dramatic and the distinguished are the essence behind “Spine Rug” designed by Camilla Stærk, the Danish fashion designer. With its dramatic print in grey & black shades “Spine Rug” has been designed for all of us who love fashion and design with delectable qualities.

With the launch of “Spine Rug” it is the first time Camilla Stærk moves into the universe of design for the home. Inspiration comes from her favorite muse, Karen Blixen, and her meeting between Africa and her Danish roots.

Camilla Stærk says:

“For a long time it has been my passion to design products for the home. For me a floor rug must be interesting without dominating the room. It was natural to work with the grey black nuances and in this way remain faithful to the color scheme which I most often work with. In addition to this the quality of the material makes the tones of the colors intermingle and the print is emphasized in Spine Rug. In this way the print also looks good in large sizes.”

See other Normann Copenhagen designs here.


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