Gardens to go….

It’s a pot. A pot for plants.
A pot for flowers.
A weightless, flexible and user-friendly pot.

It’s a weightless and portable bag
that follows you everywhere, inside the house,
outside on the terrace, the balcony or in the garden.

It’s a new generation of flexible plant containers.
Its double-walled geotextile fabric, 100% recyclable,
maintains the necessary balance between air, soil and water.
Frost and sun resistant.

It’s Nature in a bag.

BACSAC® was born with the encounter between designer Godefroy de Virieu and landscapers Virgile Desurmont and Louis de Fleurieu. Together, they looked for an alternative solution to get around the constraints of creating a rooftop garden in town: difficulties of transportation, excessive weight, but also lack of choice of containers, most of which are often very expensive. How can we reverse the tendency to pay more for the container than the contents? How can we make an installation, which is often fixed because of its weight, mobile? How can we create a planted area at the lowest cost?
The idea of planting in bags comes from this desire to change habits and valorize what it should be, the plant.

2007: The experimentation begins with the planting. A year later they notice that the good circulation of air and water within the BACSAC® promotes plant growth, the conditions can almost be compared to those in the earth. The extreme weightlessness of the bags (less than 2 lbs.) discharge the roof garden of the heavy weight of traditional containers.

2008: Together, they create the BACSAC® company and develop the concept.
The exhibition “Jardin jardins” of the Tuileries garden in Paris is the opportunity to show to the public this new principle of a container. BACSAC® meets great success with the public and the press and becomes one of the flagship products of the show. BACSAC® shakes up the world of gardening. Landscape professionals emphasize the ingenuity of the concept and validate their proposal to cultivate gardens in closed bags. Architects and town planners see the concept of BACSAC® as a new idea for building projects. People are attracted by the flexibility, mobility and weightlessness of BACSAC®. The flexible material easily allows to mutiply the modules and to imagine the creation of a seasonal collection of garden, varying not only with the forms but also with the colors.
Godefroy, Virgile and Louis have the ambition to make BACSAC® a classic in the world of gardening!

The rest is history.



One thought on “Gardens to go….

  1. I want the car !!

    Seriously, you are doing a great job with this blog, Martin !!
    You guys are the best !!

    I want one of these for my FABULOUS terrace !!

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