Valdemar of Denmark…

The new Valdemar Chair by Danish designers Martin Kechayas and Christian Nørgaard for Normann Copenhagen. Valdemar premiered in April at Salone del Mobile 2010, Milano, Italy. We can’t wait for Valdemar to get a U.S. visa, so he can come stay with us at Vertigo Home.

Valdemar was designed with focus on exciting graphic expression and great comfort. The inside of the chair has an organic round shape which contrasts with the beautiful sharp and edged outside. The chair is upholstered in Divina Melange by Kvadrat. The dense, felted surface of the fabric is created by milling (boiling, and thereby shrinking) a woven, two-color wool. The non-directional surface of Divina Melange emphasizes the shape of Valdemar, creating a perfect platform for color. Valdemar comes in blue, black, green and brown.

Martin and Christian explain:

“Nowadays there is a huge need for intimacy, calm and contemplation. For that we need furniture that creates room and space – a place of our own. The point of departure was to design a piece of furniture that is a lounge chair and an easy chair in one. We believe a chair should be beautiful from all angles. Valdemar almost embrace and welcome the user with its big open arms.”

Valdemar will be available in selected stores from October 2010.

Shop other Normann Copenhagen design here.



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