Design For The Birds….

The Menu Feeder String, designed by Pernille Vea, is a decorative and refreshing alternative to your traditional bird feeder. It adds a very cool element to your garden and the birds will love it.
The feeder string consists of two frosted glass weights linked with a soft black rubber cord.
The cord has hard plastic tips, making it easy to thread bird foods, such as apples or seed balls, onto the cord. The feeder string can be wound around the branches of bushes and trees or hung from fences and posts. The materials are weatherproof.

Pernille explains: “I have moved from a very geometric design to more asymmetrical shapes inspired by nature, for example, by recreating the shape of a stone that has been worn by the movement of the waves. Previously, it was largely about designing things from the kitchen and the dining table for taking out into the garden. Now the trend has reversed.”

Many of the best-known and most popular products in Menu’s range come from Pernille Vea’s design universe. Pernille, and not least her designs, have won countless prizes and prestigious awards all over the world.

The feeder string was awarded the Formland prize in 2002 and the Reddot design award in 2003.

View the Menu Collection here.


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