A Danish Designed Beacon in The Night….

The Scandinavian coast is dotted with lighthouses which provide a light no matter what the weather is like. Designer Christian Bjørn took note, and created these elegant Lighthouse Oil Lamps. According to Bjørn, who drew his inspiration from lighthouses in Scandinavia, the lamps burn like a “fantastic bonfire” and even looks better in slightly windy conditions, meaning they won’t blow out like your typical table lamp.  A patented oil burner burns fiercely no matter the wind speeds. You can also top up the oil without pulling out the canister. The ceramic containers can be filled with gravel or sand for extra weight if necessary. When not in use, a black plastic cap creates a clean and finished look. We love the look, which is way more than a step above your average tiki torch. These oil lamps look amazing in a summer garden or a white snowy landscape….We prefer the summer garden.

Designed by Christian Bjørn for Menu.

Christian Bjørn has been a key figure on the Danish design scene since the end of the 1970’s, and is today credited with much of the honor for having established Industrial Design as an independent profession in Denmark.
For Menu, Christian has created a series which, from its launch, wowed people worldwide. After a few months on the market, Christian’s Lighthouse series has already been awarded two of the most well-known design prizes in the world: The Red Dot Design Award in 2008 and the IF Industrial Design Award.

Now available at Vertigo Home.



One thought on “A Danish Designed Beacon in The Night….

  1. These are very elegant and beautiful. They would look lovely on my daughter’s balcony. She loves lighthouses and has a collection of them.

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