Claydies’ Hairdo Bowls, Green Ditches & True Feelings….

Claydies, Danish design duo est. 2000.

Claydies feature ceramists Tine Broksø and Karen Kjældgård-Larsen. Both graduated from Denmark’s Design School, Copenhagen, in 2000, and now run their own workshop in Copenhagen’s Nørrebro district. Karen Kjældgård-Larsen is the designer behind Royal Copenhagen’s much-acclaimed dinnerware “Blue Fluted Mega”; a reinterpretation of the classical Royal Copenhagen pattern. Together, the two ceramists have created, among others a series of imaginative bowls, shaped like different hair styles for users to wear on their heads.

Grass Vases (Grøftekanter = Roadside Ditches) is a series of sculptural one-off glazed stoneware vases. The vase was initially conceived for an exhibition at the Danish Design Centre where a number of young designers supplied their ideas for the museum‘s Café Dansk. Claydies opted to bring Danish roadside flowers indoors in the shape of a subtle vase. The vase is shaped like a small sod of turf covered in green blades of grass with tubes for water and little flowers. All Claydies’ Grass Vases (Grøftekanter) are modelled by hand and come in three different sizes with a shiny grass-green glaze.

Grass Vases by Claydies for Normann Copenhagen are available @ Vertigo Home.

The True Feelings candle holder is all about leaving fingerprints and changing habits. The designer-duo Claydies have based the development of the series on an experiment with dogma rules. One of the rules was to work blindfolded. Focus was transferred from a visual approach to design to the sense of touch. The design became an expression of the fingers’ choice only. The result is a unique, sensitive and elegant design.

True Feelings by Claydies for Normann Copenhagen are available @ Vertigo Home for $26.00 a pair.




4 thoughts on “Claydies’ Hairdo Bowls, Green Ditches & True Feelings….

  1. They’ve got a unique design. And yes I’ve seen a video about Normann Copenhagen, they got lots of different collection.

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