Block-Prints Fit For a Mahārāja….

In Elizabeth James’ own words:

Pacific & Rose began when my mother & I traveled to Rajasthan, India in 2001. Our enthusiastic shopping sprees were motivated by the abundance of beautiful arts & crafts to be found in this desert region of northwest India. I was especially smitten by the charming blockprinted fabrics in which the “hand” of the artist was boldly evident, and I stuffed three suitcases full with them in order to redecorate when I returned home.

We toured the block-printing workshops in Sanganer, outside Jaipur, and were delighted to find that this once dying art form was now a thriving industry employing thousands – block carvers, colour masters, block printers, and seamstresses. An idea for a business began to hatch.

With degrees in Art History and Interior Design, and a 10 year career behind me in commercial printing, it seemed natural to take the next step and create a business producing my own line of block-printed linens for the home. I located an excellent workshop in Sanganer to produce my collections, and Pacific & Rose was born.

My wonderlust for travel has taken me to many distant lands – Europe, both east & west, old colonial Mexico, southeast Asia, northern Africa…and I hope many more places to come. The design influences from these inspiring locations find their way into my collections. Stay tuned as I continue to fly the ocean in a silver plane, see the jungle when it’s wet with rain, and find inspiration waiting ’round the bend. Bon voyage!”

Elizabeth James beautiful, colorful, hand blocked Tea Towels $10.00 and Pillows $20.00 are now available at Vertigo Home.



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