Laguna’s Own Cult Favorite….

Katharine Story was launched several years ago at the opening of her flagship boutique in Laguna Beach 2000 and has quickly grown to become a cult favorite for locals, Hollywood, and International clients – The company currently operates the flagship store in Laguna Beach, California and sells to several other boutiques worldwide.

Katharine Story was born in Laguna Beach from a family of artisans, she spent her 20’s in London, which she considers her training years – she sold her own designs in London’s Camden market, as well as working at the acclaimed Harvey Nichols. Story specializes in over dyed unstructured shapes, some with leather ties that conform to a women’s shape rather than having the garment dictate the fit, in this way her pieces complement women of every size.

Don’t miss Katharine’s 3rd Annual Erotic Art Show in February….We’ll be there….

Check out the current collection and blog on the web site

Become a fan of Katharine Story’s Facebook Page



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