Woofy Around The World….

Designer Gabriel Nigro couldn’t stand the rats’ nest of cables that were strewn about his floor, but didn’t want some industrial-looking cord management system. So he created everyone’s new best friend, Woofy the Cable Dog.

Woofy conceals cables inside his belly to keep all your wires nice and tidy. But Woofy is much more than a cord organizer. He’s the biggest party animal since Spuds McKenzie. He’s got his own Myspace page, complete with obnoxious nightclub music, he’s a real jet-setter and fabulously trendy. If you can forgive him all that, Woofy is actually a pretty cool way to hide your cable clutter.

You can get your own Woofy from Vertigo Home for $200. While that’s not exactly cheap for a plastic puppy, it’s a fraction of what you’d spend on a real dog. And besides, somebody’s got to fund all of his clubbing and travel expenses.

Adopt a Woofy for 200.00 @ Vertigo Home

From Normann Copenhagen



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