Eames House Bird….

Charles and Ray Eames collected numerous objects from their travels.  The figure of a black wooden bird, an object of American folk art from the Appalachian Mountains, has stood in the centre of their living room for over fifty years.  The bird is also seen in many of the Eameses’ photographs. Based on the original artifact and in cooperation with the Eames Family, Vitra is now producing the first series of this figure.

Solid alder,black lacquer finish, steel legs.

10.82  x  3.5  x 10.94

Get your bird for 210.00 @ Vertigo Home.



One thought on “Eames House Bird….

  1. It is interesting that Vitra and the Eames family have produced this object “based on the original artefact” given their views on copies of their own furniture and design.
    This is essentially a copy of another designer’s work (or do the Eames family’s views on copies not extend to American folk art?)
    If I’m wrong and this is an original design I would love to be corrected!

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